All Hail Atholl Duncan

New BHA Chair Atholl Duncan

For a man who shares his first name with a Scottish Earldom and a surname with the kindly King who met a sticky end at the hands of Macbeth, you might have expected the new BHA Chair to have been unveiled with slightly greater fanfare. However, the announcement warranted no more than a few bland paragraphs on the BHA website and just to ensure we didn’t get too excited, the headline made it clear that the appointment was only on an interim basis.

The need for a new Chair of racing’s governing body goes back to May, when it was announced Steve Harman would be stepping down in November. This followed a suggested conflict of interest that Harman had. At the time the BHA assured us that they were not at war, but presumably in an attempt to avoid the fight, it was decided Harman would step down, but not yet. Oh, and there would still be a job for him in racing.

Whilst such a compromise might look like a lesson in the art of diplomacy, the time it has taken to elect a new Chair and then to only do so on an interim basis, has more than a hint of an organisation unsure of its next move. There has been no explanation  for the delay and I can’t help thinking that Macbeth hit the nail on the head when he said “‘twere well it were done quickly”. In regard to the appointment being without a fixed term, this is justified by the BHA on the grounds that there is an ongoing ‘constructive discussion’ about the constitution of the Board and role of the Chair.

I am sure such a debate is very worthy, but the problem is that now is precisely the moment the BHA should be seen to give its leader a strong and unambiguous mandate. As well as the Tote – the downfall of Duncan’s predecessor- there’s the new limit on FOTB’s in betting shops, the proposal to limit advertising on betting products until after the watershed, racecourses on the verge of bankruptcy and, of course, let’s not forget Brexit. There are dark forces gathering.

Mr Duncan appears well qualified for his new position, but is being asked to head his troops into battles which will have to be fought on many fronts, without clarity of his authority or knowing for how long he will be in the post.

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