A Cautionary Tale


After experiencing glory on outsider Splash Of Ginge in the BetVictor Gold Cup at Cheltenham in November, Tom Bellamy’s visit to Prestbury Park on New Year’s Day was not quite so auspicious. Booked for three rides, including another partnership with Splash Of Ginge, he was stood down for the day having provided an on course positive breath test.  Found to have an alcohol level in excess of 17 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath – a touch under half the legal limit for driving- the matter was also referred to the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

It is now reported that the BHA have cautioned him for the matter. Whilst the comment that he only had two or three drinks the night before and was in bed by midnight, might cause an expert in alcohol back calculation to raise an eyebrow, I have sympathy with Tom. Having already lost valuable rides on the day, I believe the outcome is proportionate. What I do question is the length of time it has taken the BHA to reach a decision, on something which doesn’t involve rocket science.

Fearing a suspension must have been difficult enough, but as a freelance jockey you must suspect trainers got twitchy about booking him whilst the matter remained unresolved. The facts are Tom had 50 rides in November and December and only eight in January. That must represent a significant financial loss.

In response to the outcome Tom has made a statement expressing his regret and adding: “I was never looking for sympathy. The reality is I’ve learned from my mistake. I shouldn’t have had a drink at all, and it won’t be happening again. I hope it doesn’t affect my career in the future. I haven’t had a drink  since  and won’t anytime soon.”

I too hope it won’t have any negative consequences on his career, and in the absence of Tom being able to do so, will quite happily raise a glass to his future.

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